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  • charlie linnell

yoga, meditating, digital clutter.

we're enjoying even more snowfall this month which is great, it’s brighter outside when the snow is reflecting the light. even though I look forward to spring I really like snowy landscapes.

i hope everyone enjoyed their new year. this month will begin with a 30 day yoga challenge (move @ yoga with adriene on youtube). it’s great if you like to start building muscles in a calmer and steady way. no need to go to the gym.

along with the yoga practice i meditate everyday. right now i'm focusing on zen meditation and gratitude practices. gratitude practices can be in forms like guided meditations or journaling where you reflect on what you're grateful for. i use insight timer for meditation and dayone for journaling.

i am surprised at this but i've managed to take control of my digital clutter this week. i had many profile account but i'm in the process of deleting the accounts i don't use or haven't used for many years. if you know that you have all these accounts with old passwords, my advice is to permanetly and completely delete old accounts - and safely store active accounts and passwords in an app like dashlane.

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