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  • charlie linnell

what i learned at a japanese spa

the importance of creating time and space to relax your mind.

this is is something to truly prioritize in an everyday life that is filled with activities, errands and different types of goals. to just lie down on your back and close your eyes have done wonders for my mind and health. when i visited a japanese spa, i got to learn a valuable lesson. the lesson that I haven’t taken that much time to stay relaxed.

when i slowly walked in the japanese garden i practiced the art of being in the moment and i sat on a sun heated wooden deck in the warm sunlight and i just closed my eyes and listened to the nature around me. the birds chirping, the gentle breeze in the tree crowns, the water pouring down the rocks. i was somehow at the center of my universe.

i remembered thinking it was too long time ago i was this calm. when i left the spa, i promised myself to implement this calming practice when I returned to the hectic city life. I felt that i just needed this, that my mind needed this to function better.

these days, i try to meditate everyday but there are of course days i miss this habit, but that’s okay because i don’t strive for perfection. when i’m not meditating i try to stretch, drink tea and water, take a nap, take a short paus and just breathe in and out. even if it’s short moments, i just keep reminding myself to relax and many moments grow to something greater.

i can see many great effects of doing this. sometimes, when my mind is calm i can see more clearly when it comes to situations or people. sometimes, ideas appear when i’m more relaxed and i feel a lot more open to trying new things. i come up with more ideas these days, something i didn’t get that much earlier. it just pops up in my head.

how about you? what makes you calm? what do you like to do when you feel like you need a break? when was the last time you sat down and relaxed?

take care and stay calm


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