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  • charlie linnell

weekly words week 42 - music, BL and sauna with friends.

anything nice you have been up to this week?

had a calmer workweek without many meetings so i had time to finish tasks that have been on-hold for a really long time.

wore a tie this tuesday because it’s international tie day.

went to a cottage with a sauna this weekend together with friends, drank beer, ate warm soup and slept inside the cottage with a wood stove. it was so hot in the sauna and i loved it.

how is the creativity process going?

not that great actually, but yesterday and today i finished a new song called ”high school”, more on that later.

i prefer to produce every day but these two weeks have been mentally tough to just sit in the studio. i don’t usually think it’s that hard but i’ve been feeling a lot of resistance.

the cold weather.

darkness in the morning, darkness after work.

commuting almost every day.

low energy.

tired after the cold i had a few weeks earlier.

but done is better than perfect, so the best thing to get over all the resistance is to just continue.

what are you listening to?

an oldie but a goodie.

what are you watching?

i’m watching the last season of chihayafuru. i just have one episode left and then i’m off to reading the manga because i really want to know how this series ends.

Chihaya Ayase has spent most of her life supporting her sister’s model career. When she meets a boy named Arata Wataya, he thinks Chihaya has potential to become a great karuta player. As Chihaya dreams of becoming Japan's best karuta player, she is soon separated from her karuta playing friends. Now in high school, Chihaya still plays karuta in the hope that she will one day meet her friends again.

what are you reading?

i bought this light novel called ”the case files of jewelerer richard”. yes, i will read every material from this story and yes, it’s BL and yes, i love it. i wrote about the anime version in weekly words week 41.

what have you been buying or decluttering?

the light novel. :3

how are your 5 habits?

reflect: 5

meditate: 5

exercise: 2

read: 3

create: 2

what are you grateful for?

friends and nature and BL. :3

what are you letting go off?

over analyzing things.

what are your highlights?

music, BL and sauna with friends.

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