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  • charlie linnell

weekly words week 41 - new listeners, poetry festival and archery!

anything nice you have been up to this week?

finally began picking up archery, practiced with archery friends and released 50 arrows, some good and some less good.

more listeners found my latest video which made me happy.

went to a poetry festival in the neighbor city south of here. poetry is a new thing thing for me right now and i try to expand my knowledge.

how is the creativity process going?

i wrote a new song this week called ”black swamp”, a love song, but i haven’t started producing the upcoming song. i’m still tired after being ill for two weeks. i’m trying to ease my way into creating right now so i can enjoy the process. i’m gonna start producing the song ”high school”!

what are you listening to?

some really nice chill tunes:

what are you watching?

the case files of jeweler richard - i can truly recommend this one. don’t blame me for wanting to buy a jewelery...

One night, a college student with a strong sense of justice, Seigi Nakata, saved a gorgeous foreigner, Richard, who was being harassed by some drunks. When Seigi found out that Richard was a jeweler, he asked for an appraisal on a ring with a shady history; one which his grandmother had kept secret until she died. The appraisal had revealed her past, truth, and desire. It led Seigi to work as a part-time employee for Richard’s jewelry store, the "Jewelry Etranger" in Ginza. While solving various "mysteries", the relationship between Richard and Seigi gradually changes.

what are you reading?

got my poetry book One Hundred Poets, One Poem Each delivered this week so i’ve been reading it trying to figure out what i like.

what have you been buying or decluttering?

new long underwear for this autumn when i’m out camping.

how are your 5 habits?

reflect: 5

meditate: 5

exercise: 3

read: 3

create: 3

what are you grateful for?

for drama series that inspires me to write love songs.

for being able to enjoy art in any form.

being around people i like.

what are you letting go off?

feeling guilty for being behind in my music schedule.

what are your highlights?

new listeners, poetry festival and archery!

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