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weekly words week 27 - bike rides and vacation mode

hello! thanks for stopping by. i’ll share some weekly words from last week. i plan to release this week’s weekly words on sunday. :3

what have you been up to this week?

this week has been the last formal ”work week”. i had some meetings and i went to the office a couple of times but it’s starting to slow down a lot before summer vacation.

on wednesday i drove to a city 2 hours from my home to pick up a mini bike.

i went on a lot of nature walks and on friday we had pizza evening with wine, beer and watched crappy tv :3

on saturday i started a minimalist experiment. i’ll do this experiment for 21 days and it’s about reducing the stuff to a bare minimum to slowly unpack the things you need for the moment.

on sunday i went on a bike ride with a friend and we did some archery. i realized i needed to reduce my bow’s strength, it’s too heavy for my back muscles. :)

how is the creativity process going?

this week is the first one where i felt more inspired. when my energy comes back and when i take time to rest, i always get more ideas and inspiration. nature walks and music is a good recipe for relaxing and getting those ideas.

what are you listening to?

i found a very cute song by cavetown called ”fall in love with a girl”. it’s made in two versions and my favorite is the one with orla gartland. the other one is very nice too.

what are you watching?

i’ve been watching an anime called ”a couple of cuckoos”. i like it so far :)

On the way to meet his birth parents, super-student Nagi meets brash Erika, who needs a quick favor. Pose as her boyfriend at dinner so she can avoid an arranged marriage. But things get tricky once they realize they’re heading to the same spot, and her parents still want them wed. How does he ask out his school crush, keep his grades up, and hide his pending nuptials? No one said love was easy!

what are you reading?

right now, i read two books:

the first one is ”happier”by Tal Ben-Shahar, the one i read last week.

the second one is ”the building blocks of meditation” by Nick Keomahavong.

i recommend both books!

what have you been buying or decluttering?

i bought a black small bike, good option for a small person like me. :) my old bike have some permanent problem so i always get flat tires and therefore never use it.

i also bought an iphone microphone for better audio - Røde VideoMic ME-L Lightning.

i think it will be useful for layovers in videos or if i want to create something outside, like a vlog or a cover. i don’t have any good external microphone, only my mic in my studio and it can be restrictive and it takes more time to mix and master in my daw.

how are your 5 habits?

reflect: every day this year

meditate: every day this year

exercise: nature walks and bike rides

read: yes, a lot of books :3

create: ...

what are you grateful for?

i’m grateful for this period before vacation, i love the feeling when you are about to go on vacation and when the work is slowing down and you got time for things you didn’t prioritize. you have so much lazy days in front of you when vacation is just around the corner.

what are you letting go off?

focusing too much on the negative. - it’s normal to be caught up in negative thoughts when there is too much to do and it’s good to reflect on what could be improved. but i also think it’s good to focus on things you already enjoy or want to improve at and then create goals and start implementing those activities every week. the negative focus will sooner or later shift to a more positive focus. it’s like they say ”where focus goes, energy flows”. i want to focus more on improving things this autumn.

what are your highlights?

bike rides and vacation mode.

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