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weekly words week 26 - nature walks with friends and forest bathing

hi there, this post represents last week, so one week later. i’ll post this week these upcoming days, so here we go :3 it was kind of hard to remember last week but i did my best.

what have you been up to last week?

a work week full of nice activities. nature walks as usual in the sunny weather. this tuesday’s dinner was really something - kakiage- fried vegetables in dipping sauses and rice.

this wednesday was the last music day. i was able to make music 10 %, so every other wednesday was dedicated for music from februari to june. i will truly miss these days.

one of the weekdays, i took a beer with friends at a pub.

this friday a new song was released on spotify and this weekend i met friends and got to know a new friend. i was really happy!

this sunday, i went to a lake and took a morning swim with calle. a nice calmer work week. i’ve been looking forward to these weeks before vacation where things just slow down.

how is the creativity process going?

besides wednesday, i’ve been just writing and reading. i still feel like my creativity needs to rest. i imagine it like a little creative creatures that pops up sometimes but right now it’s sleeping somewhere in my studio.

i’ve been evaluating my music schedule for summer and autumn. i wanted to create so many different things. like vlogs and covers and blog posts and behind the song videos (small stories behind my songs) and of course original music videos.

my desire to create so much comes from this longing of producing many things in a shorter time and see my library of songs growing and growing. in the beginning, i felt a feeling of freedom and excitement, because i’ve not released so much songs before. and i made a lot of stuff and i’ve never been this creative for years. this year so far has been so great when it comes to making music. i’ve loved every single video and song.

but like with everything else, there comes a negative aspect. and when you feel like you want to create so much like i did, you will soon feel your limit. the feeling of wanting to produce a lot was replaced with the feeling of needing things to be done. i felt less and less creative because there were less time and i took on too many things. it’s not fun when your passion becomes a must. and it’s not fun when you feel like you can’t take your time and just have to hurry.

i think it all started in may. :) now i’ve tried it and it’s really fun the first months but it gets kind of difficult. it’s a good lesson! so i will not produce as much songs and videos like this spring. :) i’m still experimenting and searching for my ”just right” amount.

what are you listening to?

i’m listening to my new single Bittersweet on Spotify!

what are you watching?

i’m watching the sweet story of moomin! i love snufkin. <3

what are you reading?

i read happier by - tal ben-shahar

it’s a good read and it explains how happiness can be pursued indirectly.

what have you been buying or decluttering?

no new purchases this week! except for beer, i guess.

how are your habits?

pretty good. journaling, meditating, nature walks, stretching, reading. creating - not that much.

what are you grateful for?

friends i haven’t met yet.

that the temperature in water is great and it’s time to swim and enjoy nature even more.

these calmer weeks before vacation.

what are you letting go off?

my former music schedule. :)

what are your highlights?

nature walks with friends and forest bathing!

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