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  • charlie linnell

weekly words week 21 - improvisation theater and rainy camp

what have you been up to this week?

i’ve been on holiday this thursday and friday, i worked the first days of the week. wednesday evening i spent time in a pub with friends, we were watching a poetry show and then we went home to make hamburgers and watch a movie ”call me by your name”. like a friday night but on a wednesday night. this thursday, i went camping in the lovely archipelago, rainy camp and an overnight stay. this friday, i went on a improvised theater show where the audience pick and chose topics.

how is the creativity process going?

i try to create as much as possible even though i have much to do at work. it’s important to listen to the body and decide when to rest or when to create.

what are you listening to?

That that - PSY and SUGA. It’s been on repeat this week! :)

what are you watching?

johnny depp trial.

and the anime show ”ascendance of a Bookworm” season 3 (recommend!)

what are you reading?

i’m still reading - Beth Kempton - Wabi Sabi Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

what have you been buying or decluttering?


been decluttering the basement from a lot of trash!

how are your habits?

i continue the meditation practice everyday, and also writing diary.

creating and working out - so, so :) looking forward to vacation!

what are you grateful for?


being inside a tent when it’s rainy weather,

a longer weekend!

what are you letting go off?

negative emotions.

stress from work.

what are your highlights?

improvisation theater and rainy camp!

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