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  • charlie linnell

weekly words week 20 - theater and music


what have you been up to this week?

i’m in a high workload period at work and i realize i’ve done a lot now when i look back at the weekdays. i also spent time producing my song this wednesday. i also went on a theater play called ”true women”. the first play for many years due to the pandemic period. i had fish and chips with friends this friday night dinner. this weekend i’ll relax, workout and make music. think i’ll do some archery too.

how is the creativity process going?

it could have been worse and it could have been better, but i don’t expect that much this work month :) i’m glad i get to work with my songs every other week on wednesdays. it’s worth it! this wednesday i sat from 8 - 17 producing this song.

what are you listening to?

this week i’ve listened to ”Butter” with BTS. it’s such an energy boost at work!

what are you watching?

i’m watching the anime ”SPY x FAMILY”. an action comedy. it’s revolves around a spy who needs a fake family for a mission. just watched the first episode and it was really good!

what are you reading?

i’m reading:

Beth Kempton - Wabi Sabi Japanese Wisdom for a Perfectly Imperfect Life

what have you been buying or decluttering?

tickets for the theater play and grocery shopping.

haven’t decluttered any this week but i’ll have an experiment i’ll try this summer :)

how are your habits?

i meditate and reflect daily. i'm at day 141.

workout- and music sessions just a few times. i'm excited to see when i'll have more time for this.

what are you grateful for?

the simple things like going grocery shopping and enjoying dinner with friends.

and for my patience with certain projects that take time.

also that i try to strive for action more than perfection.

what are you letting go off?



what are your highlights?

the theater play

my music day!

happy saturday!

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