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  • charlie linnell

weekly words week 19 - work, shuffleboard and pirates

here’s something new i will try - weekly words. a recap of the week and probably some inspiration! it’s nice to look back to these posts when the weeks pass. i will try to write one every week to keep a regular update.

what have you been up to this week?

work, work and some more work. my cat celsier has been to the dentist. i’ve been taking long walks and i’ve been playing shuffleboard - i won. i watched pirates of the caribbean 2 yesterday and ate the leftovers from this taco friday night.

how is the creativity process?

i’ve been working a lot and i haven’t had time to write or produce any music, it makes me feel kind of restless and tired. i feel like being productive but i also feel like i wanna relax in the sofa all day. i plan on being creative soon... i say to myself. :)

what are you listening to?

i listen to a lot of lofi when i work and i’ve made my own awesome pomodoro nintendo lofi playlist to improve my work day.

my favorite song this week is a japanese song with a beautiful title:

”i would have golden tea with a silver fox during being lost”

i don’t know, i just like the title.

what are you watching?

an anime called ”Deaimon: Recipe for Happiness”. it’s in the feel-good genre and it makes me wanna eat cookies. also a really good youtuber called ”einzelgänger” who talks about philosophy!

what are you reading?

right now - naruto volume 3.

what have you been buying or decluttering?

i haven’t decluttered anything this week but i have bought green tea and chocolate with orange flavor. also red wine ”the fox and the grapes” - recommend.

how are your habits?

quite bad this week because of work. :) but i still do my meditation and daily journaling.

what are you grateful for?

the weekend. :)

what are you letting go off?

high expectations on myself.

what are your highlights?

the satisfaction of finishing the work week and just doing my best.

the shuffleboard win.

the pirates of the caribbean marathon!

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