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  • charlie linnell

more time - a new social media break

I really like taking pictures and I really enjoy the creative process of video making. That’s why I love to make music videos on YouTube. I also share most of them on social media. I’ve been back and forth on this but... I’ve really been wondering if the time spent on social media really is worth the time for me? I don't think I get that much value from it anymore.

Mostly, I use instagram as a platform for sharing new music, but after being on one month social media break (it was like going on a mind spa), I now see that it’s taking away a lot of valuable time I could have spent on other activities. I’d like to learn more about music making, like learning more about production techniques, vocal training, practicing instruments, studying songwriting. Not just when it comes to music. I want to exercise, be in nature, nurture my close relationships, meditate, reflect, hug my cats, read and create. I even miss feeling a little bored from time to time when i was a kid, haha.

For now, I’ll take a long break from instagram. I need to minimize my time online to truly enjoy the real world. And yes, I’ve got YouTube as a music platform. I’ve got this blog where I share things that inspires me. I don’t feel the same pressure to post here and I feel like I can be more real. I also feel like people make a more active choice to read this blog post because they have to search for it, not just get it on an endless content feed in a social media app. I enjoy writing this more. I don't have any like buttons here :)

the question i asked myself is: "is the time that you're putting into your online presence taking away precious time from your real life presence?"


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