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  • charlie linnell

those who matter they don’t mind

when i was 17 years old i got furious about a discussion i had with my mom’s currently boyfriend. i remember this person playing guitar some days when he visited us and overall i guess he was pretty nice.

one evening we talked about how female vocals should be and sound like. he said that women gotta have a certain singing technique. “you gotta sing with full power, listen to this girl.” he showed a generic commercial power ballad song with a soprano pop female voice. “she’s got a real pipe!” he said.

the discussion got more intense and after hearing him giving smart ass criticism to one of my drummer buddies (because he himself played the drums when he was young) i went upstairs to my room to cool down. how DARE he!!

teenage me got really really upset because music and art is all about expressing emotions and creating something by yourself. you are a composer of emotions and free to sound like however you want. i am very much supporting the idea of personal artistic freedom and that means that there is not just one way of singing. that is what makes music awesome. the diversity. unique voices. authentic voices. you don’t have to sound like everybody else to be good or get accepted. why not being genuine and sing and have a voice you enjoy? even if it is a popular singing technique or not? i pretty much still have this opinion.

i got so upset that i finally got over it after writing a song.. it felt reaally good! and this is that song. ”just walk away” had other lyrics though (the original one had some bad english and an overflow of teenage emotions).

i am happy the song is out! it kind of feels like a warm hug for 17 year old me. “i am still believing what you expressed in this song”, i would say to myself. i am happy for being true to my values.


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