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  • charlie linnell

the one method when things become too overwhelming.

so, i’m writing this blog post on a small café while listening to some lofi music. i’m in the middle of summer vacation. finally summer, even though it's raining. it doesn't matter to me.

i had an old blog a few months ago. i wanted to write about everything i found interesting, and wrote about many different kinds of topics. too many topics actually. at the expense, what i wrote felt pretty messy and aimless. i also felt like i needed to update the blog regularly, and when i didn’t update, i felt guilty. i didn’t enjoy that feeling. it was supposed to be a thing i enjoyed.

so i used the one method when things become too overwhelming: i closed down the blog and took some time to reflect on this.

after these couple of months, i realized i missed blogging and sharing, but i have now established a rule: i’m not going to write regularly, only when i’m in the mood for it. i’ll write about my music journey, the creative process and some stuff i find very inspiring. i want to write about the things i learn as i create and what i’ve been able to overcome. this blog is not about how you become a famous musician or how you gain a massive following because i'm not an expert on this (lol). i want it to be a home for creative pep talk, a place to go to when i need to get more motivation and inspiration, and i want to share what i discover with you.

so here we go!

bilbo sleeping and enjoying life

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