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  • charlie linnell

the friendship advice we all need to hear.

i’m really digging the youtube channel ”better ideas”. i posted one of their videos here on the blog before called ”why being yourself i ruining your life”.

a few years ago i came across this first video where joey talks about lessons from past friendships and i really think there are many gold nuggets to gather here. my favorite is ”always assume initiative”.

the second video is more or less about 10 tips on how to lose friendships, portrayed in a comedian way. i think there are a lot of value and wisdom in these two videos.

friendships are important, and it’s not something to take for granted. it’s crucial to cherish and make time for the friends around you, especially close friends. it’s important to chose friendships deliberately, to be open and honest about your own needs and also to have the courage to part ways with people who aren’t a great fit. it will only help you shift your focus and time to other people and start building new friendships.

i also don’t believe friendships are a one-sided investment. you need to reach a healthy balance otherwise it will be hard to be together in the future. and if you only care about how you feel and don’t take the feelings of others into account, it means that you’re forcing the relationship on the other person and both of you will struggle to be together.

i think friendships are one of the most important but, unfortunately, many times undervalued relationship. romantic relationships often tend to take over, putting friendships in the shadow. i believe it’s essential to put your time and effort where it belongs and tend to every important relationship you’ve got, especially the relationship with your friends.

and that's my thoughts on friendship!


disclaimer: opinions are not fact. if you get inspired by my words and want to apply anything to your own life then that’s wonderful. if you don’t agree with me then that’s okay too. no hard feelings. i’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, i just want to write about interesting topics because it’s just a pure simple pleasure of mine. thank you for reading. :)

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