• charlie linnell

the alternative path of creativity.

today i feel like talking about creativity and earning money from it. it’s been on my mind for a long time and here are some of my thoughts of it:

if you’re doing creativity for the goal of getting rich, becoming famous or gaining power, then by all means, continue striving towards your goals if that makes you happy. i’m not judging your path.

however, my post is about illuminating an alternative path we can take instead of this traditional path with these ”goals” society expects of us to follow. there are indeed different paths we can take. but perhaps some people don’t know they even exist? perhaps some people are too focused on grinding and hustling that they don’t see the alternative way? perhaps some people want to walk the alternative way instead of running the tradtitional way but don't know how?

what about all these questions you get (yes, i have gotten these ones):

  • "are you planning to make a living off your creativity?”

  • ”why are you even here, you should be working with music instead of this job!”

  • ”you should contact and work with a professional and start selling your songs!”

  • ”this song really has the potential of blowing up.”

again - money, fame and power.

these are expectations you get from working with something in the creative field, in my case music. you don’t really get these from working with plants or baking cookies, right? :) it’s something special having a creative passion because these expectations are ingrained in societys view of creativity and they were once deep-rooted in my mind from an early age too.

so what's the deal?

basically, they teach us that creatively success = professional success. you have to earn a living and/or become famous to be acknowledged and worthy. it’s like a seal of approval for every creator out there. if you don’t reach these "goals" - you basically suck, you don’t deserve your creativity and you should just quit. you are not good enough.

but here is the deal:

that is not true. there are so many talented, skilled, awesome, passionate creators out there. there are too many for us to count. there are too many skilled people that are not famous or earn money from their creativity. and this is not because they suck, are untalented or unworthy. look around you. look at yourself if you're creating something.

i quote Elizabeth Gilbert:

”the guardians of high culture will try to convince you that the arts belong only to a chosen few, but they are wrong and they are also annoying.”

what i’m saying is -

you are allowed to create no matter the results.

you are good enough.

you are worthy.

and furthermore -

there are something more significant than money, fame and power.

you just need to search for it to see it.

it's right there.



disclaimer: something to someone is something else to someone else. people are different. if you get inspired by my words and want to apply anything to your own life then that’s wonderful. if you don’t agree with me then that’s okay too. no hard feelings. i’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, i just want to write about interesting topics because it’s just a pure simple pleasure of mine. thank you for reading. :3