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  • charlie linnell

thank you 2021.

saying goodbye to 2021 and welcoming this new year with this post. here's a recap:

did you do something 2021 you never did before?

i quit social media this year. i enjoy more privacy. i am more present in the moment. i have reduced my screen time by more than 75 %. i have more precious time and i invest in better activites. quitting social media has been really good for me.

what was your biggest success 2021?

34 written songs, 14 released original songs (planted 140 real life trees), 5 released covers, 1 released spotify single. i made my music making process more effective and simple. i spent time planning and managing my private economy and financial savings.

some of your favorite places 2021?

i love camping by forest lakes and the sea.

how did you spend your birthday?

i spent it out in forest and out with friends and some days later on a spa.

some good habits of 2021?

  • strength training, yoga and walks

  • reading books

  • meditating

  • journaling

  • nature

favorite purchases of 2021?

i try my best to make sure i only buy things i need:

  • alarm clock - leaving my phone in another room

  • second hand clothes/shoes - capsule wardrobe with the basic colors

  • yoga mat - in great quality that lasts for many years

  • hiking boots - for the outdoors

  • razors and shears - i save around 90 USD for every haircut

  • eyebrow piercing - glad i did it, had to remove it though

  • juicer - because juice

favorite food 2021?

it has to be vegan fried artichokes, vegetable sticks, dipp sauces, tabasco and beer.

favorite songs 2021?

click here

favorite series 2021?

  • my next life as a villainess season two

  • comic girl

  • orange

  • fruits basket final season

  • yuru camp season two

  • kobayashi's dragon maid S

favorite read 2021?

  • hello habits - fumio sasaki

  • fame - justine bateman (audio book)

  • the simple path to weatlh - jl collins (audio book)

  • altered traits - daniel goleman, richard davidson (audio book)

  • and lots of mangas!!

and some plans for 2022?

more: music, training, archery, books, meditation, gratitude and nature.

less: tv-series, screen time, distractions, negativity, stress, alcohol and sugar.

i want to spend more time on vocal practices and yoga.

in general, i want to have more time creating, taking care of myself and enjoying moments.

happy new year!

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