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  • charlie linnell

songs i'll never sing - behind the song.

happy sunday! time for a new song called "songs i'll never sing".


the song is inspired by the anime "kino's journey", a really good anime i recommend. she's traveling with her motorbike that can talk, her coat has a nice color, like the autumn colors, she's only staying three days in every country.


this song is being on the road. being free to do things you want to do in life. daring to do things you want to do in life.

creative process

i felt kind of satisfied when the song was 98 % done. i didn't have a clear vision and was experimenting a lot. but i guess it turned out well? i wanted to release it anyway because it took 2 weeks to create.


yes! it's a sea slug, a really adorable water animal. when googling sea slug symbolism it says that:

one should be willing to try new things. if you are tired of following the same routine every day, this animal challenges you to do something you’ve never done before.

this fits well with the creative process, this song was tricky to me. it felt like it all came together when it was around 98 % done and it's a new experience. by then i knew that i liked the song.

those with this animal enjoy being alone.

this is really the essence of kino's journey.


going despite the weather

coloring the world together

so glad we’ve met

floating leaves, coat is flowing

three days until she’s moving

the glass is overflowing

so glad we’ve met

we’re hiding what we feel

close enough to reach it by the hand

you notice what is real

when i say i’ll make you truly understand

a maelstrom deep within

swallowing a scene

hide my heart in

songs i’ll never ever sing

unrequited feelings

oceans, fields and forests

always been so lucky

so glad we’ve met

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