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  • charlie linnell

something, please give me something

okay, this song is pretty special. this is the sixth original song of the year, and this means that i have now released as many songs as i released in 2020! the seventh song after this will be a tree planting record!

i will continue and i'm excited to see how many songs i will release, and how many trees i will plant. so far 60 trees. i will celebrate with chocolate!

this song is about zelda - breath of the wild. When link wakes up in a cave in a water tank. (hence the reverb synth, it's like dripping water that echoes). Also when link climbs mountains, or lies in the grass looking up into the stars. No memories of his earlier life, doesn't remember who he is, all alone in this world, searching for someone he once knew. if you know zelda games, you will notice a lot of similar words, for example "green" and "bravery". he is the symbol of courage or bravery in these games.

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