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  • charlie linnell

my small acts of courage will someday shine!

the fifth song of 2021 is out called "i can!". it's already been five songs(!!) and i'm really excited for how many songs i can release this year. i feel now, after three months, that my music making habits seems to work.

i don't feel resistance when it's time to go inside my studio to produce. i just go inside and start, no matter how good or bad the production goes. the things that works for me is:

  1. decide what days in the week you want to create (for me: monday, tuesday, thursday)

  2. decide what time (for me: 19:30)

  3. create an alarm that goes off at that time and get to work (this is called a trigger)

  4. create for a pre-determined time, and you can do more but it's important to stop

  5. decide for a deadline (for me: release day in two weeks on sunday)

  6. after the release, get to the next project immediately, don't stop

i also know that it's often not a lack of energy that gets me to skip a production day, it's all about my emotions. my mood. this week, i just wasn't into producing because of a longer workday. so i started to watch some old music videos i've done, and i got inspired to create, i got into a better mood and actually produced that day.

my goal is to continue creating music, so i've made this a habit. i want to make it casual and sustainable because it's important to me. and i have fun!

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