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  • charlie linnell

something nice happened this week.

something really nice happened this week. monday morning, i realized my latest video ”don’t wanna be like you” reached more listeners than usual. ”what the heck is happening with this video?”

i don’t use social media besides youtube and i don’t share my videos anywhere else. i was smiling while reading the positive feedback i got from listeners. <3

one of the reasons this made me happy is that i genuinely like this song, and it happened that other people like this song as well. our tastes matches, in other words, i haven’t compromised my feelings by trying to create something i don’t genuinely enjoy.

i will continue to write the music i want to hear.

i’m always happy when i hear that people resonates with my music. i’m a small songwriter but this is always gonna be a huge deal for me, no matter how many who listens.

the thing is... i see this response as a great uncommon surprise. i have no idea what song will reach more ears, so i don’t need to ponder about it. and i have no plans to quit this thing because it’s so much fun.

it’s truly magic. to resonate our emotions with sound.

as always, thank you for listening!

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