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  • charlie linnell

show me dreams concealed in wonder

the third song of the year is out and called Anything. yes! this is a chill indie pop song. ukuleles, a lofi synth, some electric guitars, simple drum beats. when i first came up with the song the images of clouds in different colors appeared, so that's what this video is all about.

i really like this song. it's a favorite. so it will probably find its way to spotify someday too and the singel cover will be really nice to create! it feels like the first time i've created this consistently. it makes me happy!

when i release a song i have already released it from my mind. i shift my focus to the next production. i'm already thinking about my next original song. and next week's release will also probably be a cover. perhaps cavetown? we'll see. (^..^)ノ

now i'm gonna eat some tomato stew with pasta and watch some anime.

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