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  • charlie linnell

prioritizing making music

04:50. the timer goes off. well, it’s not because i’m waking up to get to work. and it’s not because i’m catching an early morning train because i’m going on a trip.

it’s because i want to implement a new routine in my everyday life. and yes, i am as tired as i look like in that picture.

in vacation time, get a chance to slow down and catch my breath. i take a break from my work as well as my music and let it rest for some days. i take the chance and start to analyze where i am and where i want to go next. i figured out i want to improve these three things this fall:

1. meditation and green tea.

2. morning musician. i always struggle making music after work because it’s noisy outside and i get demotivated and tired.

3. a strong mind. yup. i want to calm and discipline my mind through meditation and learn to focus on the good stuff in life. around 60 000 thoughts pass through a person‘s mind each day, and i want mine to be positive.

4. active life and nature. i want to continue my active lifestyle and keep going to the gym, jog outside and swim. and i want to continue being in nature hiking and camping. i really need nature.

perhaps you have new good routines you want to implement?


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