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  • charlie linnell

play pretend - behind the song.

hello! the second song "play pretend" is up on youtube. it's a heartbreak song, based on general feelings about heart ache. i got some inspiration from a song from taylor swift that's pretty much about the same concept.

i guess it's a song where you just want to feel sad for a while and start again. unrequited love sucks.

i must say my cats did a good job acting out in this video.

modern mixtape: it's an octopus because it is good at pretending and camouflaging (play pretend).


play pretend.

time will come,

i still count the seconds

before you’re home,

dissolving to stardust

close to tears,

we lost something vital

and i’m still here,

still wishing for something


lucid illusions

is all i see

you should be here

the same old record I keep playing

over and over again

you should be here

i’m too afraid my expecations

stay in my play pretend

i wait for you,

trusting you’ll meet me

this ache pierce through,

why should i bother?

kiss me like,

i’m the one.

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