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  • charlie linnell

pending poetry #1

good morning,

so i commute a lot these days and sometimes i get bored. i've read more about poetry, it's still partly a mystery and partly clear to me. you can say i'm a beginner.

so in order to keep this new interest up, i'll try to write some poetry myself when i commute. and i think the word "pending poem" (in expectation of) is pretty accurate based on where i write them.

i've learned that there are different poetry forms, different ways of writing poetry, and there are no "one size fits all", it can be so different (will write more about poetry some other day).

for now, i will focus on five line poetry because i need to have some kind of restriction for my writing. so here we go:

i’m still struggling to keep myself in the loop.

for whatever reason, you reappear in my head.

again and again.

like nothing has ever happened to us.

like nothing has ever changed.

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