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  • charlie linnell

on practicing yoga.

i’ve picked up this habit of doing yoga in the morning. well... most mornings when i work at home.

i’ve always wanted to practice yoga, especially after a 60 minute long yoga class at the local gym. i still can’t describe that feeling reading on the bed after yoga. my feet were pulsating and i felt amazing. i thought: ”i want to do this regularly!” but yeah, no. the habit never stuck with me. bummer.

but some years later..

in fact, these last couple of years, i now practice at home and i’ve managed to get this habit to stick with me. i think it was because i discovered my absolute favorite online yoga teacher - Adriene (Yoga with Adriene).

so, i’ve read that yoga improves strength and flexibility, as well as boosting heart and lung function. the key elements are physical postures and breathing exercises. yoga seems to improve the mood and decreases stress.

the more i practice yoga the more i realize it’s not about doing perfect, advanced poses.

  • it’s not about getting the heels down when you do the upward-facing dog.

  • it’s not about being able to touch your toes.

  • it’s not even about doing the *** crow pose.

i think yoga is about cultivating more awareness by focusing on the process. you exercise, relax and get time to reflect and set intentions for yourself. it’s about binding together the mind and body.

and you'll make tiny, effortless improvements everyday without even realizing it. if you’re stiff then you’re really in for a treat. yoga is said to be more enjoyable for those whose bodies are stiff. that's probably one of the best parts of it all!

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