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  • charlie linnell

on mallards and johnny depp.

hello there!

stopping by for an update about creativity and life, just a few snippets.


this week i took a small break from music. i know what song will be next, and i’ve set the foundation in my daw, the tempo, beat, song structure, instrument choices, etc. the song is called ”pulse of sound” (i think i’ll stick with that title), and i’m really looking forward of sharing it!

i’ve had no energy creating this week. and it can happen. it’s ok. sometimes you just need a break. i think it’s important to realize that thinks can’t be perfect and you don’t have to give 100 % every single time. it’s a reminder for every ambitious person out there, including me.

i think taking a break is part of the process. you can’t really pour from an empty cup and when you’re taking a break you appreciate things much more and come back with new energy. it’s good for you.


looking back on spring... so far, i’ve managed to release 23 youtube videos. it’s starting to build up here...

7 original songs. i’ve got some favorites already.

5 cover songs. i learn a lot by making these songs.

5 bts-videos. it’s fun to remember when i look back on my older songs.

5 minivlogs. i love making videos and these are really fun to make!

i’ve got two songs coming up on spotify, probably :) they are being mastered by my dad because he loves music production and i really love to share a project with him.

what more?

i’ve also been following johnny depp’s trial. i’m rooting for him.

yesterday, i watched the first pirates of the caribbean movie.

oh, and i saved a mallard this week. :)

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