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  • charlie linnell

on keeping a journal.

hej, something i really enjoy is to write. i think the method i use is called microjournaling. you just write one or a few sentences. i use DayOne. it’s by far the best journaling app i’ve ever used (and i’ve used loads...)

sometimes it takes two minutes and sometimes it takes 30 minutes depending on my mood, what’s happening that day and how much time i have. but just one sentence is enough for me to have accomplished the goal for the day. with this mindset it makes it much easier to keep up the habit. most of the times, one sentence becomes two, three and four.

the thing with journaling is that i feel really good after writing. i feel lighter when i pour my thoughts on a paper or a screen. it helps me to organize my thoughts and feelings, and i don’t want good ideas or inspiring thoughts to disappear in an instant. so reflecting is definitely an emotional outlet for me and it helps me when i write songs. i get to pay my focus inwards.

here's what you can do:

  • you can do a ”check-in" - how are you feeling right now? why are feeling this?

  • you can ventilate your feelings - write about what upsets you and why it upsets yo

  • you can improve your everyday life by reflecting about your good or bad habits

  • you can keep a gratitude journal - truly recommend this

  • you can keep yourself organized by writing tasks, shortterm or longterm goals, inspiration, lyrics, poems, this blog post :)

  • you can keep a record of things you love to do

  • you can take a brain dump if you’re feeling overloaded - you don’t have to keep them in your mind

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