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  • charlie linnell

on green sencha tea.

so here’s a fact about me - i love sencha tea. i drink it everyday, mostly in the morning before my meditation practice.

tea is warm and cozy. i found out that green teas are full of an amino acid called theanine that induces relaxation and lowers anxiety. my body becomes very unstrained and i feel like one of those anime characters drinkning green tea. it feels like a spa in drink form and it boosts the immune system.

after drinking green tea, i get energized and focused because of the caffeine and it's improving my mood. but i don’t get the jitters like when i drink coffee, in fact, i’m pretty sensitive to the effects of caffeine, so even though i love the taste of coffee, i don't like how my body feels after a cup. the difference between coffee and green tea is that green tea contains theanine, which slows the absorption of caffeine.

i read that sencha tea has a great amount of health benefits because it has a high content of antioxidants, in other words catechin. the antioxidants is good against free radicals so green tea decrease the risk of many diseases, like inflammation, heart disease and maybe even cancer. it also seems to lower the cholesterol and is rich in polyphenol, which can help regenerate nerve cells, that's great.

i actually didn't know that japanese green sencha tea is steamed and rolled, chinese sencha tea is pan fried and black tea is oxidiced and comes from the same tea bush camellia sinensis. the more you know...

but apart from all the health benefits, i really love the fresh, grassy taste of sencha tea. i love to drink it.

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