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  • charlie linnell

oh so easy

cool girl cover from one of dodie's latest songs. i really really really like this song. it's such a fun song to play! i'm looking forward the release date of her album.

it was really long time ago i made a cover. last time was "true colors", i think, and covers are so fun to make. you get to pick your favorite songs and play them. i wanted to make more of them. the problem for me was that covers take a lot of time to make, and even if i enjoy making them, i chose to prioritize my original songs instead.

so why did i make a cover now? how come? you see, it used to take me one month (barely) to make a video. it seems like i finally (!!) found a way to balance music making and everyday life. i've been experimenting for years to find a sustainable way where i'll continue to love making music. and i think i'm there now. i'm not stressed. i'm not feeling overwelmed. i'm not tired. i'm actually relaxed and have time for other activites than just making music. (archery, camping, friends, my cats, anime, video games)

i hope i can continue this way because i have so much fun! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ

in just one month i make:

- 4 new written songs

- 2 new original songs

- 2 covers

- x vlogs (will probably start to share some vlogs)

- 4 blog posts

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