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  • charlie linnell

meditation - 50 days.


this saturday, i hit a milestone. i set the goal to practice meditation everyday for a whole year. so far so good. in total i’ve been meditating (on this app) for more than 200 days and more than 50 days in a row from january 1st.


some benefits for me is:

  • feeling more calm and less stressed

  • more present in the moment

  • more focused and less distracted

  • feeling more positive and reducing negative emotions

i think i’ve really felt the benefits after a month of meditation. and i also think that this habit have kicked in because i feel now that i really enjoy meditating. it is an essential everyday activity for me.


i’ve listed my meditation practices in order.

there are a lot of varieties and they are good for different things.

  1. Breathing/Zen

  2. Yoga

  3. Gratitude

  4. Loving kindness

  5. Affirmations

  6. Visualization

  7. Body scan

  8. Sound

  9. Walking

  10. Sleep

meditation apps

i’ve been on and off in my practice so i’ve been using different apps throughout the years. here are four of some apps I’ve tried:

  1. Insight timer app - the absolute best so far! a timer with a lot of good settings, much free content, a huge community, quotes, customizing playlists, health tracker, progress tracker.

  2. Oak - simple and easy to use, not many functions which can be both good and bad

  3. The Mindfulness App - a really nice app but has more premium content

  4. Synctuition - interesting 3D sounds but it’s limiting with 25 minutes and becomes a bit monotonous , tried it for two months and got tired of it

i’ll let you know when i’m at day 100!

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