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  • charlie linnell

like a rainbow

hello friends, i've released a new cover of the song true colors by cyndi lauper, but in a mixed version made by phil collins and the disney trolls version performed by justin timberlake and anna kendrick. this song is very dear to me and i think i've thought of this youtube video idea for many months. it should be an acapella version, i thought.

the idea came to life when my workout instructor played this song after the end of a strength pass at the gym. it was the disney version. i thought it was a beautiful and still a pretty short song. a good cover song. after that i thought about a video idea, and started googling people with pride flags on their cheeks.

i like the result of the song and video. i like the red hair that still is visible in the beginning of the video, when everything else is grey. recently, these two weeks i've had a tough time, but i'm progressing everyday. and it makes me happy.

hope you enjoy the video. i had fun making it every morning at 5 am. I think next song is going to be an original song.

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