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  • charlie linnell

just trying to get closer

pov: when you have a one sided crush on someone and don’t know how to deal with it. when you get psysical reactions when the crush is around. it’s all about that feeling.

i'm really happy this song turned out just like it did, a pretty short song, simple and packed with energy in the last chorus. i love playing air guitar and other kinds of air instrument like in the video, i am probably not the only one. i feel sorry the one who plays percussion in the video, a cooking pot is not good enough!

the song is inspired from the manga "given", if you've read the manga you can probably tell which volyme and chapter i got inspired by. it's a really nice story and i can really understand haruhi's situation with his one-sided crush. i've been there many times.

it feels like my creative process is really in a flow right now. i feel like i'm in the zone many times and i really enjoy experimenting with different sounds and instruments. i have this sound and style that sounds like me. it's really nice. i really enjoyed making this song and video!

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