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just highlight and delete 20.06.13

"just walk away" found its way to spotify! most of the songs i made this year are just meant to be uploaded on youtube, but after producing a song i can feel that i want it on spotify. it's not planned, it just happens and i think it's great that it can be spontaneous. it is the same with the songs "love instead" and "all around". and when i realize i want them on spotify i try to think of ways to improve them.

in this case "just walk away" i got help from Kat Bula. i collaborated with her in my song "how do we win?". she is an amazing violinist and with her music the song rose many steps higher. the last part of the chorus makes my arm hair rise. haha! it feels great to listen to it.

i also got help from my dad (thanks dad) who put a synth part in the start of the second verse. we think it sounds kinda like beatles! don't you think? it's truly great to make music with dad. we both really think it's fun to create and we both learn and get better. dad is really good with feedback on the songs, loves to mix and master, add good instrumental parts like bass playing (he is a pro bassist). he's been with me from the start and it's awesome to create with him.

i wrote an earlier post about "just walk away". you can check it out in the link! i'm happy i got to release this song because it's really old. it's been in my song library for years. i have an old version of the song when i was a teenager and still lived with my mom (don't know if it still exists in my Mac), so i'm happy i got to do a remake! would be fun to compare them... that's the part of continous improvement.

take care

ヘ(=^・ω・^= )ノ

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