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  • charlie linnell

it's love and love is free

redwood tree, my new song, is actually a kind of special song for me, because it felt so natural and obvious to write. i didn't want to reconstruct anything, it just took shape naturally inside my head when i was doing other things like eating chocolate or petting my cats.

this song represents the freedom to love whoever you want. it's also my belief that there is no criteria for what makes a "complete" family. family can be a gay couple, non-binary, a single mother/father with children or a grandparent with grandchildren. family can be a couple with cats or dogs or a turtle. family can be friends sharing a home and caring and loving each other. family doesn't always include kids. a family doesn't have to live in the same home. the important thing is that you love each other.

this song is mostly based on the anime "fruits basket". one of my favorite animes. it's about a girl who moves into a house with three other guys after her mother passed away. they are more of a family than her biological family. in other words, the nuclear family is seen as the social norm. i believe we should be open to endless possibilities of loving and taking care of each other. and not excluding anyone.

redwood tree is doing the impossible thing possible, climbing a redwood tree. do you know how big the tree is? i mean holy cow!


watch me climb a redwood tree

i need to share what I feel

it's a universal truth

is it fine with you?

are we real?

heavy weights,

a social club is it selfish to contribute?

earth and animals,

I'll help you too

are my eyes that blue?

are we real?

feeling relieved

it’s love and love if free

i need no biology

to see you as my family

feeling carefree

i want so eagerly

to love you with all my being

bring your friend with heart and soul

curing loneliness,

healing bones

a fear of being left alone

im not alone

i am real

ticking time,

my clock is gone

i never owned a single one

but hey don’t take it personal

it’s not my path it's not my dream

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