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  • charlie linnell

it’s just as important to finish on time as to start on time.

hej hej,

i’m producing a new song called ”don’t wanna be (like you)”.

but you see, i have this cold and it won’t let me record any vocal tracks, so i guess i just have to wait until i get better. i don’t know if i will release it next sunday or in two weeks. stay tuned.

which leads me to some thoughts about the importance of recovery:

it’s important to be in time for work, we can all agree to that. but why are we more accepting to working too much overtime? yes, sometimes we need to put in the extra hours for a project, but i believe that many times it's not necessary and it is just as important to finish work on time as to start work on time, especially if you are already too busy. the hours you get by finishing on time are used for restoring your energy.

“do not do more today than you can completely recover from today. do not do more this week than you can completely recover from this week.” ― greg mckeown
  • we all need rest in order to achieve our goals and produce great results.

  • we all need rest so we can be healthy and be there for our loved ones.

  • we all need rest to live a happy life.

resting is just as important as being productive.

because it’s not the stress itself that is bad, it’s the lack of recovery.

in many times, we are too damn serious and we should just practice the art of relaxing and enjoying ourselves. :3


disclaimer: if you get inspired by my words and want to apply anything to your own life then that’s wonderful. if you don’t agree with me then that’s okay too. no hard feelings. i’m not trying to convince anyone of anything, i just want to write about interesting topics because it’s just a pure simple pleasure of mine. thank you for reading. :)

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