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  • charlie linnell

is there a thing called ‘morning musician’?

remember my earlier post ‘prioritizing music’? i was trying out a new morning routine where i wake up early to produce music. after three weeks of early music mornings i dare to say that this routine is stuck and ready to stay. now I do everything on auto-pilot and i don’t feel like i have to force myself into the studio anymore. there isn’t much loud traffic around 5-6 in the morning so it’s easier to record and i don’t get frustrated and sad. tt used to drain me and take so much time before.

i am not tired and sad anymore after a studio session. i’m happy making music every workday.

for me, the key is to create an effective and easy system. it took me a few years to finally come up with a routine that works, i experimented and failed a lot of times, but this was definitely worth the patience.

if you want to read more about prioritizing and making systems that work, i recommend the book “essentialism: The disciplined pursuit of less”.

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