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  • charlie linnell

Is social media bad for you?

Hello from a dark and cosy December day! Do you remember that I've talked about spending less time on social media and more time in real life? Yes. The book that inspired me is called "Digital Minimalism" by Cal Newport. Newport talks a lot about the negative effects social media has on our brains. He describes our phones as slot machines, you just keep scrolling and refreshing the pages to see what you get.

Here's the scenario. You post some pictures or videos to see if your content gets any likes. Instead of looking up from your screen, you are constantly looking down. It's very addictive, like a new kind of smoking. According to science studies, mental illnesses are increasing because of this, and social media is designed so we can continue clicking and staying as long as possible, because that's how they earn their money. Perhaps some people believe that social media and apps are a fun gift from the tech nerds, but that's not the case. We are in fact the product here. Ever heard of this quote?

"There is no such thing as a free lunch".

I will most definitely read this book again, because it made me think about my own habits and my own relationship with my iPhone. It made me confront my behaviour of logging in to instagram whenever I am bored. It made me realize that I don't need to spend so many hours a day on social media. Because it can never replace social activites like talking with a person in real life. Social media is not in fact social but you get a sence of connection. There is a different between social interaction and feeling connected.

Will talk more about this and will also share some practial tips on how I reduced my social media time.


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