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  • charlie linnell

if i could be here forever

this song is for my grandpa who passed away last year. it’s written from his perspective of life and starts with describing his mornings in his kitchen together with his dog jack. friendly eyes, a black wet nose, humming a morning tune.

i’m happy that he is finally at peace after many years of fighting cancer. i wanted to write this song describing his life more than 10 years ago, when he still was healthy and able to go outside in the forest, where he loved to be the most. the lyrics ever and ever and ever and ever again is inspired by a playful child who wants to go on the slide again and again and again.

the video footage is from this summer when i was on many camping trips. we were sleeping on a cliff over the water and it was in the early morning when it was all foggy. i remember that i was thinking that i probably had use of this footage for a upcoming song.

even though i can’t see my grandpa today, i can still remember the moments when he was here, and i am happy i got to spend time with him. i am proud that i had a grandpa who was that kind and caring.

thanks for listening

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