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  • charlie linnell

i'm back blogging

i'm finally back here on this plattform and i'm happy to start blogging again from another computer. my old computer was really tired and ready to break anytime soon, so i decided to get a smaller computer which is more suitable for traveling and songwriting. it's really great how quiet this laptop is when i compare it to the old one.

as the structure geek i am, i also downloaded Day One which is an app for journaling and keeping lists and notes. i have another app for journaling but i feel like day one is one straw sharper and i can really enjoy my own private digital space. everything is not meant to be shared online and i really love writing and this will help me write more lyrics and music. i am also not a perfect person. i have flaws and weaknesses like any other person and i feel writing about improvements is a thing that i should do private.

on another note, my music making is continuing and i am happy with the songs i release right now, especially the videos, and i really like the stories behind the lyrics. and how about archery? not so much i'm sad to say. i really like archery and i miss it really much but under these circumstances i don't have too much time to go there. i don't want to take the bus and when i'm suppose to take the bike it rains.. i hope to be there soon though.

take care and have a nice day!

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