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  • charlie linnell

i like to grow, you'll never change.

i'm writing this while having a sleeping bilbo (^. .^)ノ on my arm, i manage but it takes some time to write. haha. the fourth song is out called Another day. this production was a bit challenging for me because i tried many different instruments and electric guitar sounds and ended up with a pile of different tracks. i had to cut off loads of instruments to highlight the most important ones.

honestly, i think the trick is to be conscious of when you add too much tracks and what tracks to cut off when that happens. i really think the concept "less is more" is a good method when it comes to music production, it's an essentialistic and minimalistic approach for creating music and it's more effective.

i aim for clean, simple and imperfect productions. i think that's one of the reasons why i create more often now. it doesn't have to be 100% top quality and i'm aware some single parts in the song i think could be improved, but i have to go on to the next song or else i will keep on spending time polishing that 98 % song and time will fly.

now i'll go relax this sunday and make some chocolate banana oat smoothe and watch some anime, perhaps comic girl. and then i will continue with my next song! i write one song per week so i will start my 11:th song! take care friend. (^. .^)ノ

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