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  • charlie linnell

i float steady on my cotton cloud

hi, i released a song on youtube called cotton cloud. a song about meditation. the journey of controlling your thoughts. the insight that it's ok that the surface of the mind isn't always clear. i made it actually in spring 2018 and it has, since then, been in my song library, just waiting to be appearing someday in the future. now it's here, and i think the video is accompanying the song pretty well.

here is the thing,

i try to meditate almost everyday. in 2018 i really meditated i think everyday, but i must say that in most cases i just sat on a bus and closed my eyes, and my thoughts were spinning like crazy. The passengers on the bus were shouting. the bus were making noises. but i thought, hey, at least i meditated. fair enough, i'll just check that of my list. 3 minutes done!

you see what i mean? i don't think i really practiced meditation 100 %. that's what i mean in the lyrics of the song, "my thoughts are like a kitty, it jumps around, i hold it down again". now these days, i wake up early, i boil my green tea and i meditate for 10 minutes. i practice just staring into a beautiful red rose. i think it works. it's day 15 and i feel more calm and happy. perhaps you meditate, or perhaps you don't. i think it's interesting what we can do with our minds.


breathing in

it came to me in a dream

a thought is drifting passed me in the river


will I ever feel it?

in a second I will drink up all my heartache

river now~

pouring down the sky

I float steady on my cotton cloud

funny how!~

when I just try deny

I move my mind away from you and again

I’ll never sink...


my thoughts are like a kitty

it jumps around

I hold it down again


you’re in my head just sleeping

let it disappear

just focus on my breathing

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