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  • charlie linnell

how do you define success in music?

being successful in the music field. this is for many people a tricky question, and perhaps hard to answer.

first of all, you are the only person who can define success.

success is really personal, and i will share you my own point of view. i always think it’s funny that we never say ”you will surely get famous.” to a doctor or a lawyer. the music field, as for any other creative art form, is special because many believe that success is to be famous and earn a ton of money. it’s not necessary the case for many people like me.

i think success means being happy and achieving personal goals. i think success is doing what you like despite if it‘s society‘s definition of success or not, being brave to live the life most true to yourself, not what others expected of you. to allow yourself to be happy with what you have.

my own personal view of being successful in music are these:

1. being creative my whole life: this means, as long as i love making music, i will continue prioritizing and practicing music and therefore feeling fulfilled and successful - regardless of the results. my music will not support me, i will support my music.

2. growing strong, rising tall: which means improving myself as a singer songwriter and musician. i feel successful when i am growing and at the same time enjoying the tough challenges and the process.

3. sharing pieces of my soul: when I am moved by my own music (and perhaps others are moved too, which is awesome), i feel successful.

my successes are not dependent on other people. they are highly achievable and within my reach. the world doesn‘t owe me anything just because i make music. i am not asking for external rewards but only internal. and as long as i am making music, i feel happy and successful.

how do you define your own kind of success?

- charlie

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