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  • charlie linnell

how do i wake up early?

good morning,

Yesterday, i was watching the latest one piece episode and was eating the yummiest home made vegan pizza ever. i got excited, they are in a samurai world right now, so i thought:

“hell yeah, i want to be a samurai too, bring out the sake!“

in the morning, i felt kind of sleepy but I still got up early. so how do i wake up early? here is a list of things you can try out if you want to be an early riser like me.

1. get a pet. most preferably a cat who likes to wake you up an hour before the timer goes off. the cat will walk all over you because the cat is the boss and we all know it.

2. avoid the glowing screen. you need to start to slow down half an hour before sleeping.

3. have something nice to look forward to. try find that thing that wants you to jump out of bed (or at least not crawl...).

4. drink water the first thing you do. it will kick-start the body and mind.

5. avoid caffeine in the afternoon. this doesn’t even need an explenation, right?

6. believe in yourself and practice. it probably doesn’t take only one night or even a week to set a routine. give it three weeks.

7. try a sleep cycle app. set an interval of 15 or 30 minutes. when you aren‘t in deep sleep, the app will wake you up the right time. by tracking your progress you get more strict with sleeping the right amounts of hours.

8. have a morning routine. for example, i know i need 20 minutes to pack my bag, put in my lunchbox, dress up, wash my face, do my hair and put on my jacket and shoes. because i know all this i get time to do music and meditate. i‘m never late these days. i enjoy the mornings with no stress. earlier, i had to run to the bus and sometimes i missed it.

- charlie

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