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  • charlie linnell

honest - behind the song.

hello! time for a new song, the first song of the year and it's called "honest".

let's ignore that i already released "play pretend as i'm writing this blog post, seems like i'm not in tune with blogging yet.

"honest" was inspired by the anime "my next life as a villainess", the last sentence in the chorus is based on the episode where one of the characters has an arranged marriage meeting. the lyrics is based on other situations as well and it's because i sometimes use to blend different feelings and thoughts into lyrics. "write, highlight delete" is from an interveiw with peter stormare where he explains that he use to live like that.

the song is for me kind of encouraging, a pretty empowering song.

modern mixtape: the illustration is a sea turtle because it symbolize honesty and being true to your path. at least that's what google said. :3



we got it all

all tools to make it/

breaking through a wall

world has placed around us,

getting through it all

nothing to solve

no limitations/

write, highlight, delete,

repeat the things you love

the good will come around

make it as bright as the sun,/

make it loud and also make it fun,/

i wish you all the good times,

standing as an ally/

be honest/

i will listen to your words

i know it’s painful./

write it down or burn it up

but please, be truthful/

don’t lie to yourself

who you really long for/

you’ll regret it one day

some night’s are tough

some days are darker/

where your focus goes

energy will flow/

and actions are aligned



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