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  • charlie linnell

hear me, see me, touch me

hi there! i released a song called “glowing screen” on my youtube channel. it’s pretty much about the bad side of social media. the lyrics says it all down below.

i don’t consider myself addicted to my phone, but sometimes, when i'm bored, i find myself grabbing for my phone. i can always find something interesting in my phone (or do i really most of the time?).

the thing is - i think we all need to be bored sometimes. don‘t get me wrong. i don’t dislike the phone itself or it's multiple function. it’s what you do with your phone that is the most important.

these days, i strive to use my phone for more productive purposes, such as listening to music, taking pictures, recording melodies for music making, meditating, keeping track of my workouts, reading books, learning new languages, and, of course, writing this blog post. (*´ω`*) these things bring me value to my life.

but i believe social media is time consuming and many times self destructive. it feels like the goal is to impress people, get likes, and show off rather than sharing value. and the cost is that you’re not present. "look how happy we are. this is wonderful." perhaps i'm the one who just don't understand it.

anyhow, this is the song. i hope you like it. thanks for reading my blog post.


you say you're here

but you're slightly unplugged

from the things that matter

and the people you love

with your glowing screen

you have the world in your hand

check your mail, reply

leave a like and subscribe

if we knew what matters

what we're leaving behind

with your glowing screen

you have the world in your hand

spider web, you share your life and

hide what's bad in threads of lies and

climb too high, collecting likes and

number games, in search of value

its a shame what we all go through

hear me, see me, touch me

know that I am real

write a tweet, keep up

it’s a concert in town

press the record button

still, you miss it somehow

with your glowing screen

its all pushing you down

keep the two-face on

what we show them online

they see how she lucky is

they see he’s doing fine

hide behind the screen

they never know how they are

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