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  • charlie linnell

freedom - being off social media (or minimizing)

I decided to inactivate my instagram after being active since 2011. I’ve been on that platform almost everyday, and I don’t really want to know how much time I’ve spent scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. With that said, I really like the people on this platform. I follow really good people and I respect their decision for having instagram. This is only about my habits and my own experiences.

Last autumn, I was really tired of looking at screens and tired of living in my smartphone. So I took a social media break from all my social media platforms for a whole month. It was one of the best things ever! The pressure to post regularly slowly disappeared and I got more time.

When the social media break was done, it was the same feeling like when I went on a sugar break for four months, and when I ate the first candy after the break, it just tasted sugar, nothing more, no flavors. The instagram app ”tasted sugar now". I didn’t miss it. I didn’t crave it. I still downloaded instagram and decided to login on weekends.

But now, when I’ve released so much more new music (due to me being off social media and creating a sustainable habit of music making), I’ve only been posting two times a week. I still felt that pressure to post. So I deactivated my account, I’ve downloaded all the media from my account I will take a long break.

I also think it’s important to talk about the positive aspects of minimizing or quitting social media. I’ve talked a lot about freeing up more time. The other thing is that I feel much more freedom now. I don’t reach for my phone. (I actually don’t have my phone around me all the time, it stays in the closet.) I’ve got more time to do things I really wanna do. I feel like something happened on that social media break that made me more aware of my bad habits. I think I’m gonna blog more about my experience on this topic.

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