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  • charlie linnell

cats, songwriting and anime

hello! since i’ve been inside for some time now i’ve recently been in the mood to do things that i usually do. i miss the animal shelter where i volonteer. i miss working out, going to the gym, group training or just running. i miss practicing archery with the club members. i miss singing and vocal practice. i miss having dinner and game nights with friends. i’m really happy that i get to do these activities. looking forward to be back on track!

i am having a good time inside my apartment as well. my introvert part of my self is really satisfied and comfortable. i write songs, i pet my cats, i produce songs, i plan future activities. i get to rest my mind. and these are also great things! perhaps many people actually need this? i mean taking things more slow, take a break from a hectic life? i don’t know! o(`ω´ )o


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