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  • charlie linnell

camping season has begun.

happy easter or whatever you celebrate or not this time of year. it’s finally that time of year where i go on overnight camping trips in forests around my city, most preferably by small lakes and places where i can make a fire. i love making fires..

i use to have trouble sleeping when it’s too chilly outside but i managed to get som hours of sleep even though my face was pretty cold (+1°C).

the best thing is waking up in a warm sleeping bag and hearing the birds chirping.

nature is truly an antidote for stress. it lowers the blood pressure and stress hormone levels. it reduces nervous system arousal and enhance immune system function. it can reduce anxiety and improve your mood.

i always feel better after staying in nature and i sleep like a baby the day after. it only takes two hours to feel a difference. if you spend at least two hours in nature you drastically improve your health and well-being.

i didn’t get the chance to see any northen lights but there were no clouds, a nice full-moon and windless weather.

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