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  • charlie linnell

bilbo - a cat’s tail

hello! i’m sitting in my couch and appreciate my little cat who is sleeping next to me. i’m completely in love with this furry friend. i’m happy i finally got to take care of him after many days and weeks of waiting.

he is from an animal shelter, the shelter where i use to volunteer. one day i saw him and they said that he is for sale and i can take care of him. i promised myself that if he isn’t taken in a few weeks i will go for it. i saw a few people were interested in him, (you can make an interest inquiry and they put up a little sign on the cage) but one day the sign was gone. i decided to keep him and quickly run and placed an interest inquiry sign on his cage.

i‘m so lucky to have found a kind, playful and cheerful cat. now i’ve got three cats and Bilbo is the missing piece in this family.


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