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  • charlie linnell

archery feels good in the morning light

i've been practicing archery since last winter 2019. i'm still a newbie but i think it's fun to be new at something, i've been looking for a new hobby for a long time and archery is the answer.

i've actually been wanting to do archery for a couple of years back. i tried out archery summer 2016, just for fun, and i remember even today that feeling i had when i walked outside the club building after the lesson. i wanted to do it again. but at that time i wasn't ready to sign up for archery classes, and i didn't want to bother the archers in the club, i also had many other activities to do in my life, so i decided to wait for next summer.

the next summer came 2017, i wrote to the club and asked if i could try it out again but i didn't get a reply back. i guess summer vacation was the reason. fastforward to 2018. i watched a great anime about archery, got inspired and that feeling appeared again. the same feeling i felt when i left the club building. that burst of happiness. it was existing, fun, interesting. after bingewatching the anime drama, i decided to do archery. but it took me the courage after a conversation with a friend who also wanted to try something new - squash. we decided that in 2019 we should start doing our new hobbies.

spring 2019, i wrote to the club, but after a cancelled meet up with more beginners, i finally signed up for archery classes in autumn. and since then, i've been hooked. now back to 2020 spring today, i'm back after a corona break, and it feels great to shoot in the morning light. i think some hobbies just take time to start up with. but if the attraction for the thing is strong enough, i believe the hobby will pop up in your mind or in your everyday life, reminding you that it's still available. and it's never too late to start. i started late with this, i'm 28, i'm absolutely not a teenage prodigy and right now i'm just enjoying archery. but it doesn't matter if you start late, don't let it hold you back ever.

a charlie, wearing archery equipments, feeling happy and energized to be back.

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