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  • charlie linnell

and love - fill it up inside

it's finally out there! woah! pheeeew! it sure took longer than i expected to get this song out. sometimes when you've got ideas it ends up going nowhere and the best solution is to break it off and try another path. it was all about finding a fun video for the song, and the archery theme turned out well.

fun facts about this video: i fired a total of 24 arrows. 12 arrows at 18 meters distance from the target. 12 arrows from 1 meters distance from the target. hehe. the magic of video making!

the lyrics is about perfectionism and mostly performance anxiety, something many people struggle with and i am not an exception. i still do, especially i am facing new challenges, but i believe i'm getting better and better at being imperfect and accepting my faults. archery is a great way for me to practice imperfectionism. it can be tempting to be all obsessed over that yellow circle but i focus on the process rather than the result and it's all about practice. when i started to shoot more, i got better.

breaking down some of the lyrics:

"aim for the long run, aim for the road" means aiming for the journey of life.

"break a leg or two, break your heart and let it go" means to have courage to do things that scares you, to have courage to love people and learn to let go of things.

"and all your doubts and hard words, kill them with fire" means basically to kill your inner critic with fire a la Targaryen style.

"come alive" means to do the things you want to do in life, do the things that make you come alive.

take care,,


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